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“Bring on the Craic – The Gig Diary” is a very funny and well-written read about Australian-born musician Brett Bennett, portraying his take on various occurrences and circumstances that he encountered on the initial European gigs that he played interwoven with some hilarious happenings in his native island, Tasmania. The stories go way beyond just the musical facets of the gigs as he comically packages together everything unimaginable that happened before, during, and after the gig as well!

Published: June 2015
Pages: 184, Size: 5x8, Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781504945004
Available at www.authorhouse.co.uk and Amazon
(c) Brett Bennett    Musician • Composer    Tel.: 0041 - 78 - 707 22 52    E-Mail: brettabennett@gmail.com